Welcome to my blog!

Hello there! This is my first blog post ever on the internet (ooooo), and I’m rather nervous writing it. If you have stumbled upon my blog, you’ll notice quite a bit is under construction. I am new to this “blogging” world and am trying to figure out how exactly everything works (I’m am not the most tech-savvy). It took me an hour and a half just for me to figure out categories-verses-pages-verses tags. It’s quite a lot to learn! However, I wanted to understand what the hype was all about, and more importantly, have a space on the internet to update my family and friends. See, my life is pretty hectic. If you have read the “About” me then you already know I travel with my husband for his work. It is hard for me to update my family and friends as we are always either moving or out and about on some adventure.

However, if you are not family or friends, then I ask you to refrain from looking into my life.

PSYCH, I’m kidding. I love to meet new people and read about other people’s lives, and I am completely ecstatic if you find my life interesting and want to be my friend. I tend to read blogs about people who are really just good at life or stellar chefs- you people fascinate me. So please do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to it!

Anyway, my husband and I are approaching our one year anniversary and we have already lived in three different areas, about to move onto a fourth in less than a month! We’ve been to North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas, all within this year. It sounds crazier than it actually was when I write it down haha. I will be posting more on these areas soon!

That’s all for now 🙂

xoxo Ashley


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