Traveling with Kitties

My sister recently got a kitten and asked me for some advice. My husband and I travel and move so often that we’ve become experts on traveling with our kitties. We tend to drive to most destinations so we can bring Phoebe and Luna with us. My sister was curious as to what we do to make traveling easier as she is bringing her kitten back home to visit for the holidays. I swear my family is normal and we’re not crazy cat ladies ;).

Anyway, here are some tips that I find are helpful when traveling with our kitties:

1). Keep them in a travel crate. We have a larger, hardshell crate that fits the both of them comfortably that would also protect them if needed. It seems to be safer and easier on both parties. I am so terrified of a suitcase squishing them while I’m driving and not realizing it, so a crate to me works better.

2). Position the crate so they can see you. This helps a ton! Luna tends to get incredibly car sick and tends to vomit multiple times due to nerves. We’ve discovered she is a lot more relaxed and doesn’t tend to get sick if we balance the crate on a suite case that is level with the middle armrest between the driver and passenger seat.

3). If your cat does gets carsick..don’t forget to pack cleaning spray, paper towels, and a plastic baggie! This has been a lifesaver. We put the used paper towels in a grocery baggie so we can find a proper place to discard.

4). Put something in their crate that has their scent on it. This could be a blanket they sit on, a small pet bed, toy, etc.

5). Position an air vent on them. Their crate can get warm and a constant breeze makes it more comfortable.

6). Talk to them! Both of our cats tend to meow profusely and claw at the crate. If one of us is constantly talking to them, it tends to relax them a bit.

7). Try to avoid them eating or drinking a few hours before you leave. I also believe this helps with the car sickness.

8). If this is time allotting, try to leave around mid-morning, or whenever your kitty tends to fall asleep. Sometimes we can’t wait around to leave until 9 or 10, but when we can it helps quite a bit. I know Phoebe and Luna pass out around then and sleep most of the day, which in turn equals an easy travel day.

Phoebe hard asleep holding onto poor Luna!

Phoebe hard asleep holding onto poor Luna!

I hope you find these tips helpful, especially if you are traveling with your kitty for the holidays! 🙂


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