Loooooong Break :)

Oh goodness what a break this has been! When I started this blog it wasn’t too high up in my priorities, but now I regret not documenting the past few years! So much has happened it’s crazy :). We were living in Jefferson, Texas, and then we moved to the San Antonio area….and then to Zap, North Dakota….and then to Asheville, North Carolina…and then to Charleston, South Carolina…and now we are settled here in Massachusetts!  Haha. Clearly moving wasn’t enough to keep us busy as we just welcomed a beautiful baby boy 4 months ago! We moved constantly for my husband’s work and although we loved and are SO grateful to have been able to see the different parts of this beautiful country, being near family was important to both of us for our new little addition.

So please without further adieu let me introduce you to mister Nolan Alexander…


Now let me start off by saying this child is MASSIVE. I’m talking 12m clothes only 4 months old massive haha. We don’t know where on earth he gets this from! Neither my husband or I are big people. The only “giant” in my family is my Papa who stands at an impressive 6’4″ ish or so. I’m just glad I bought the majority of his clothes second hand at thrift stores as he didn’t get a chance to wear the majority of it!

I apologize for the hasty/brief/mod podge of pictures, but I just wanted to introduce my little guy. I will have to post my birth story and some maternity goodness a little later. As you can see I’m not really following the correct sequence around here ;).

That is all for now! I’d love to hear from other big baby mamas on whether or not your baby ever leveled out!





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