How I Bounced Back After Baby

Helloooo Spring! I know I am a couple days late, but boy am I excited. Spring is by far my favorite time of the year. This winter has been especially tough because 1. This was my first New England winter in YEARS and 2. I just had a baby and was stuck inside the majority of the time (hello baby blues). But now that spring is here and there is a promise of warmer weather in the near future I am oh so excited.

I wanted to do a brief post on my postpartum journey so far. Today marks exactly 5 months since little Nolan entered the world. This has been the most wonderful, challenging, loving, overwhelming months and I could not imagine my life without this little guy.

Anyway, I wanted to post some encouragement and tips that I feel like helped me bounce back quickly!

Here are my progress photos. The last is current at 5m pp

1. Stay active throughout your pregnancy and eat as healthy as you can. This will result in a healthy and steady weight gain. Everybody is different and you will gain  what you need to for baby, but making the effort to stay active and make good food choices will benefit you both. I will do a post later on my go to workouts that I did throughout my pregnancy.

2. Invest in a postpartum girdle. I bought a Bellefit (which I will review at some point) to wear after delivery. I couldn’t fit into it right away so I wore a compression tank top the day after delivery until I could. I think it helped “shrink me down,” but mostly I enjoyed wearing it because it made everything feel tight and back in its place. I hated how squishy I was after!

3. Walk, walk, walk! When you feel okay and are okay’d by the dr. I felt like utter s*it for 2 weeks after delivery so I didn’t start walking until then. I started with just 10 mins or so, but it was soo nice to get up and move! Walking is one of my favorite workouts and the fresh air helped the baby blues.

4. Drink a lot of water (espectially if you are breatfeeding) and eat lots of fruits and veggies! I know no brainer, but water is so so important.

5. Breastfeeding. Holy cow did the weight melt off from breastfeeding! I wasn’t active the first 2 weeks but I was into my jeans about a week after delivery (when I was wearing my girdle of course).

I know these tips you’ve probably read/heard a thousand times, but it’s because they WORK!

Remember it’s also imprtant to keep your mind healthy along with your body. Every woman is different and will bounce back or not at different speeds-AND THAT’S OKAY. You just made a tiny human after all 🙂 I hope you find these tips at least motivational to start or keep up the good work!





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